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How much does it cost to enter PowerPlay? How do PowerCards and PowerPoints work?

There is no entry fee. Please purchase a PowerCard for $1.00 and place the money that you would like to spend on that card. All games and attractions vary in amount. Simply add the amount for the games and attractions you would like to play. PowerCards are rechargable so you can always add more money to your card as you go….we call it “Pay as you play!” If you already have a PowerCard you simply bring that card with you and add money to it.

One PowerPoint is equivalent to 25 cents. You simply put any amount of money that you would like on the card. (Just add up the cost of the games and attractions you want to play to get a total you should place on the card.) You then use the PowerCard around the facility to play the games and ride attractions. Your PowerPoints never expire and you are always welcome to bring your card back to use another day.

PowerCards are non-refundable. This means once you place money on your card, we are unable to refund the dollar amount in cash. If your card is lost we are able to replace the card if you can provide the 8 digit number on the back. We will only replace the amount that was left on the card at the time it was looked up.