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PowerPlay offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor attractions for all ages!

PowerPlay Card: Add any dollar amount you would like to spend. Every dollar = 4 PowerPoints (each PowerPoint is $0.25)

PowerPoints activate all games and attractions. When you run out of PowerPoints, just add more money to your PowerCard. It’s rechargeable!

As you use your PowerCard, you will become eligible for VIP Discounts.

When you play any of our “Redemption Games” you will win tickets! Tickets are electronically stored on your card. Use your winning tickets in our Redemption Store!

To check your PowerPlay Card balance visit us or please call 816-268-4386.


Hwy 66. Bowling – 11 points ($2.75) – No height requirement 

Roller Coaster – 15 points ($3.75) – Must be 40″ to ride alone or 33″ to ride with adult. Adult riding is required to pay.

Kids Zone – 20 points ($5.00) - Must be under 48" for the bouncy house and train.  Adult supervision is required.

Laser Tag – 26 points ($6.50) – No height requirement

Laser Maze – 14 points ($3.50) – No height requirement

Tilt-A-Whirl – 14 points ($3.50) - Must be 46" or taller

Bumper Cars – 14 points ($3.50) – Must be 40” or taller

Carousel – 11 points ($2.75) – Must be 42″ or taller to ride alone or an adult may ride along with a child under 42″. Adult riding is required to pay.

Ferris Wheel – 11 points ($2.75) – No height requirement


Soaring Eagle Zipline – 36 points ($9.00) – Weather Permitting. Must be 47″ or taller (or at least 42″ tall with an adult) and single rider must be under 250 lb and double rider must be under 450 lb

Go-Karts is open year around, weather permitting and is not considered an attraction. Go-Kart racers must wear a headsock (purchase for $1.00). Helmets are provided by PowerPlay. Racers must have close-toed shoes. New socks can be purchased for $1.00 and includes free shoe rental. For the safety of our guests, the go-kart track will be closed when it is raining or when the track is wet. There is a 250 lb. weight limit on the go-karts.

RT8 High Performance Go-Karts – 76 Points ($19.00) – Must be 58″ or taller and qualify by completing three separate GT5 Go-Kart races with at least one lap under 33 seconds in each race.

GT5 Go-Karts – 56 Points ($14.00) – Must be 56″ or taller and 14 years or older.

Junior Racer Go-Karts – 56 Points ($14.00) – Must be 48″ or taller for ages 8 - 13 years old.

Double-Seat Go-Karts – 76 Points ($19.00) for driver and passenger – Driver must be adult and passenger must be 36″ or taller.